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How you should compare fees

Percentage fees quoted by providers don't give you full details. Two providers that quote the same percentage fees will not send the same amount of cryptocurrency to the user. Why? Because each provider uses different conversion rates, spreads and network fees – without much transparency.


How we saved your funds

We calculate how much the user will receive from each provider (taking into account all transaction fees, network fees, conversion rates & spreads) and show the best options to the user.

How our pricing model works

We don’t charge integration fees and don’t offer a monthly subscription. Instead, we are paid by fiat providers for each transaction sent their way. Service fees are not paid by you or your users!

In addition, we receive fee discounts from providers due to the high transaction volume generated for them.

Our pricing of custom tokens

If a fiat provider does not support a specific token or blockchain, we create a reserve fund in stablecoins (USDT, USDC etc) and, at the time of successful payment, we buy tokens from the market. To avoid losses, we predict the market situation, exchange and network fees in advance and hedge each purchase. If the price of a token is lower than predicted, we will purchase the token at the market price.

Usually, users save on such transactions, as tokens' predicted prices are offset by lower fees on cheap blockchains.

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